All About Finley's Irish Pub & Eatery

Finley Family History

Finley Name Meaning Scottish: from the Gaelic personal name Fionnlagh (Old Irish Findlaech), composed of the elements fionn 'white', 'fair' (see Finn) + laoch 'warrior', 'hero', which seems to have been reinforced by an Old Norse personal name composed of the elements finn 'Finn' + leikr 'fight', 'battle', 'hero'.

Spelling variations of this family name include: Findlay, Findlow, Findlaw, Finley, Finlay and others.

First found in Banffshire , where they were descended from the Chiefs of the Clan Farquharson, one of the great federation of 26 Clans, known as the Clan Chattan.

Some noteworthy people of the name Finley

  • Charles O Finley (1918-1996), American businessman and former owner of the Oakland Athletics
  • James Finley (1762-1828), American civil engineer
  • Charles Edward "Chuck" Finley (b. 1962), American former Major League Baseball left-handed pitcher
  • Steven Allen Finley (b. 1965), American former Major League Baseball outfielder
  • Sirt Moses I. Finley FBA (1912-1986), American and English classical scholar, best known for his work is The Ancient Economy (1973)
  • Morris "Mo" Finley (b. 1981), American professional basketball player
  • Major-General Thomas Dewees Finley (1895-1984), American Commanding General XVI Corps (1945)
  • David Finley, Director, National Gallery of Art, Washington

Pub History est. 2008

When a new owner takes over a business, changes are inevitable. But sometimes, change can be good. That appears to be the case at Finley's Irish Pub & Eatery, the popular Belcher Road bar known for its blues jam and annual St. Patrick's Day party.

In August 2012, previous owner John Hendrick sold the establishment to Mark Ternes and Jack Thompson, and by all accounts, the transition has been a positive experience for everyone involved. "John built a very nice business here," Ternes says. "It's unfortunate he had to break it up, but now he's worry free. And he's going to be a big asset to me." Hendrick, who had to sell due to a difference with his previous partner, hit it off with Ternes and will remain at Finley's as a bartender, providing a familiar face for patrons who grew accustomed to his easygoing style. "I wasn't thinking of staying on, but as I got to know Mark, we built our relationship and I saw he wanted me to stay on," Hendrick relates. "It's a win-win situation for me and him," he adds. "I can watch someone take what I started to the next level, but be less stressed about it. So I feel good." (credit:By Jeffrey Rosenfield Largo Patch)

Jack Thompson originally from Bloomington, Indiana and currently resides in Indian Rocks Beach met Mark Ternes and the two hit it off. As the 2 new owners of Finleys Irish Pub & Eatery they are now known as Jack O'Thompson and Mark O'Ternes.

Experience Where it Counts

Ternes, a 20-year veteran of the business, has plenty of experience operating bars in the greater Largo area. He ran two thriving establishments on Indian Rocks Beach — the Blue Marlin and Marlin Time. He then managed both Mickey Quinn's locations, an experience that gave him a taste of what it was like to operate an Irish pub. "That's where my Irish started," he says. "I went from sports bars to pubs." His familiarity with Finley's led him to approach Hendrick when he heard about his situation, and in the span of a few weeks, the passing of the torch was complete. "I always wanted my own bar," Ternes said. "I found it in Finley's."

Finley's Hosting Huge St. Patrick's Day Festival

"We're unofficially calling it Fin-Fest," Ternes said of the event, which will take place March 14-17. "There will be stuff going on inside and out all weekend."

The pub has always hosted a St. Patrick's Day party, but it was relegated to one day and a relatively small portion of the parking lot; this year Ternes is pulling out all the stops.

Two tents will take up nearly half the parking lot outside the bar, where there will be beer trucks, food vendors, an Irish whiskey bar and plenty of live music.